Milestones and Luck

As an elementary student, I never really aspire for anything. In our class, I’m the student who never really care for his grade; I prefer to spend my time gossiping about things like how the teacher’s lipstick is messed up or how a certain person post a grammatically wrong status. The thing is, I’ve graduated from elementary school this way, and I got that going which is nice.

I have this aunt, who’s a stage mom for her children. She likes to compare her’s to us and at first I don’t really care, for I’m not really the person who gives some. My aunt personally teaches her oldest child, who’s two school years ahead of me, just for my cousin to get into this special Science class aka SSC.

“What’s SSC?” My first question when I was in 6th grade. Then I learned that this special class, according to rumor, is the best-of-the-best collection of students through out Dasmariñas  and nearby places. This caught my interest because I may I am the type of person who really likes challenges especially one’s that will put me to my edge.

So when the summer came, I took the test and well, I passed it.

This leads me to whole new level of people. I like SSC because there’re a lot of pips here who has the same view on life as me.

Things were okay until we are inevitable face with the truth of graduating. Graduation. The time where we will be forced to leave our school, DNHS, which has been our secondary home for four years straight.

Around this time, this so called UP has caught my attention. I don’t really know what this is or what makes it so ‘different’ among others. My aunt also tried get her son into this university but well, he didn’t make it.

The summer of my 3rd year, I enrolled myself to the UPCAT Review headed by our school. Here, I learn more about UP. University of the Philippines is the highest ranking university in the country. Leaders and pioneers of our nation also came from UP.

Realizing this, I aspire to get into this university to have the best opportunity in life after I graduated. I know this will be hard, lots of challenges and mental breakdown are waiting along the way. But what kind of masochist am I if I’m not into these kind of challenges. 

August 17, 2014 — I took the University of the Philippines College Administration Test. Modesty aside, the test was fairly easy. Even without any review, one can answer the exam. But the thing is, the exam… is also easy for all. That’s where the odds are even. The test is easy so the one that differ you from others is the University Predicted Grade.The UPG is composed sixty percent of your your UPCAT score, which is minus 1/4 for every mistake you have. Then, for the remaining forty percent, your general average from 1st to 3rd year is computed. UPG is the basis of UP in ranking the students.

After taking the exam, my friends and I took the day-off in SM Dasma to release the stress we unknowingly holding and to discuss the what’s and how after we got the result.

The wait was soooooooooooooooooooo long. From August 2014, to January 2015. It is almost unbearable until you found yourself already forgetting the fact that you’re waiting for the results. Time will come when you’ll convince yourself to stop hoping because… hoping hurts. masakit umasa. Especially if you don’t really know the conclusion of your actions.

Tuesday, January 13 of the year 2015, My classmate and friend, ate Alex, posted an announcement in our private group. She said that the UPCAT results are already released. After finishing her post, my knees are already shaking. I don’t know. I’m shaking. But what’s with all the long wait if I’ll just cowardly scorn the results?

As I look onto the site… Gerolaga. Nope. Geron. No. Gerona. Not me. Geronca. Geronimo. WAIT! GERONCA! GERONCA, JHERICO RAMOS.

O. M.G.

I PASSED THE UPCAT. The feeling was overwhelming. I don’t know. Omaygad mama. I was so happy. I am so happy with the results. I will be able to grasp the opportunity to study at the most prestigious school of the country, the highest of the highest. Omaygad. It maybe luck, or it may be hardwork. Perhaps I don’t wanna know. Whatever it is, I’m grateful and overjoyed with it. I know passing this means entering another level of difficulty. I don’t care! hahaha. Let it be, if it’s inevitable. Let it go, if it’s overwhelming. For my future to come. Lol. I don’t know. I don’t even know what I’m writing right now. So I guess that’s it for now. Byeee-ie~ 😀

I’m sorry for any typographical error or grammatical ones. I don’t really proof read before posting this so… yeah. I’m working on aff at the moment, trying to make a debut story — angst by the way. So yeah. 🙂


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