Self-induced Jetlag

Today, I slept at 5:00 PM and I hope to be awake by around 1:00 – 2:00 AM. It’s my everyday routine. People calls our ‘kind’ nocturnal. But what is a nocturnal?

According to Merriam webster, nocturnal means active at night. If it means being active at night, then does past midnight also count as night? This leads us to question what is our definition by extent of the word night.  Night means the period of time between the sunset and the sunrise when the Sun is below the horizon. That’s according to Wikipedia.

Ok, so I woke up everyday at 2:00 AM, does that makes me a nocturnal? Perhaps, yes and no. Yes, because technically I am active at night. No, because I still make most of my time during the day, my school hours are from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

But why do I even decided to become a nocturnal? Ok. Being nocturnal has it’s perks and it’s cons. One of it’s perks is, for me, the stable and undisturbed internet connection. I love playing video games. I enjoy watching music videos from Youtube and I prefer them HD. However, among the other perks being a nocturnal give, my primary reason for being one, I supposed, is the self-isolation.

I enjoy being alone. I’m not a loner, I just prefer to spend time with myself rather than to waste it with others who I can barely talk to or break pass through the barrier I call the intelligence barrier. Yup. Perhaps ten-hours is already enough to deal with this kind of people. More than that? No, I quit.

This is what leads me to adjust my body clock from the usual, I don’t know, 4:30 AM or 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM to my daily routine of 2:00 AM. This gives my more than 3 hours to do whatever the heck I want. Yes, you heard that right. Yes, perhaps I also watch smut-ic stuff.  I don’t know. :3. Stuff like that. One time, I was singing so loud, I love to sing, that from his deep slumber, my father rose from his bed and turn-off the avr of my computer. I was singing Since U been Gone.

This adjustment however doesn’t go without notice. I am always drowsy during the day. Sometimes, high? Yeah. But I have a lot of time to spend at school so I just sleep to subjects that are ultimately boring. Eh. I love to sleep. Sleep is another form of ‘escape’ for me. Escape from the harsh reality. So yeah. :3


Yep, no back-reading or proofreading of any sort. :3. Apologize.
Photo credits to kawacy-deviantart.


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