Her Crown

Moonlight embraces her tiny frame as she walks toward the untamed waters of the remote lake. Shining pieces of then unknown objects catches her attention and she heads to see a plain mirror embedded with pearl ornaments and a circlet… of unknown beauty.

Beauty, Queen, Goddess; she goes by many names, all pertaining to her remarkable grace.

With her head held high, she strode the paths of the academy with a not so approachable, aura due to her deeming herself unreachable by the lowly mass.

She classifies herself above all others in terms of beauty she herself named. Her profile is of her portraits dress in regal and much class.  

She is beautiful, perhaps… once. But her narcissism, vanity, and much more self-praising blend to shade her profound gifts like a veil showing not elegance but arrogance through pride. The beauty that’s in her is a double-edged sword.

With mouths open wide in awe, she clings to the circlet in her hands as if she’s holding on for dear life.

Taking one last glance at the mirror, she foolishly and swiftly lays the circlet upon her head. Almost immediately, surges of shock run through her veins as droplets of blood make a line out of her face.

Indeed blinded by what she expects a diamond in rough, is none other than the charade of wreath, out of thorns and spikes, that is none other than Her Crown.


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