The hardest thing in the world
is the muffled agony of a rotten heart
that wants to be heard but is instead silenced
by the four corners of the damn room

Torment hail scorned howls
no ears to listen, no shoulders to lean
I hate it all as much as I hate them all
A giant torture device, our world is

I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds
I quote, and then I asked
what is there to destroy anyway from this husk
empty shell in your head, in your mind

What is it to be alive if not to be soon
zilch, the living to the not
is it astray to confuse reality
and lose one’ self


I suck at poetry.

Play these songs.

  1. Thunder – Boys likes Girls
  2. Lips of an Angel – Hinder
  3. Moment of Truth – FM Static
  4. Face Down – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  5. Numb – Linkin Park
  6. Your Guardian Angel – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  7. Your Call – Secondhand Serenade
  8. Fall for you – Secondhand Serenade
  9. Tonight – FM Static
  10. My Heroine – Silverstein


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