Required Entry #3: Process Analysis ( English 1 – WFV1 )

How to Stalk your Crush/How to have a date with your crush.

        Everyday could be a date with your crush, may it be after class or on your way home. First, you got to know your crush’s schedule. It may not be the same everyday so you better keep track, girl. Also, you must precisely know where that person is heading in order for your “date” to successfully commence. Next, you need to keep in mind the technique in order to avoid getting caught stalking your crush on your first date together: you must walk ahead of that person. This is why you must be precise of that person’s schedule so that it would look like your crush is actually the one following you, not the other way around. Optionally, you may ought to wear perfume so that as the wind blows, your crush’s olfactory senses will be filled with your pabebe rosy fragrance. Finally, once you have already reach your destination: turn around.  Ask that person, “Are you following me? Are you a stalker?” Slap your crush square in the face then walk away… just exactly like the bitch you truly are.


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