Required Entry #6: Illustration (English 1 – WFV1)

What living inside a Dormitory feels Like

        Being away from your comfort zone–your home–may not always be the best experience for anyone, especially if it’s your going to be your first time away from yo mama. College, yes. For dummies, it will be a very hard adjustment. Everything will seems new, from the daily routine of wake up to the day by day struggle of whether to actually sleep or just to indulge yourself in very high amount of caffeine instead.  Literally.

Everything’s on you

        At the cost of freedom, you will be having to fend everything for yourself. No one will be there to wake you up in the morning to take a bath, eat your breakfast, and go to your class. It’s going to be your alarm clock snoozing or your body actually moving. For a dormitory where the food is undifferentiated, you’ll got to be less picky about what to eat. If at home what you want is what you get, then if you want to survive living in a dorm, you must learn to eat almost all variety the cafeteria has to offer, even if it is everyday chicken (in Kalay, usually for nine out of ten days, a chicken cuisine is what’s for lunch or dinner).

Fending for your social life

        In a dorm, you’ll going to be meeting a lot of new people. Unlike at home, where for the most part bonding is something that is innate, in a dormitory however you’ll have to exert extra effort if you actually want to talk to anyone. If you want to be friends with someone you must shallow your own pride and decide to actually converse with them, even in the tiniest and shallowest conversation with the said  person. While it is true that introverts and extroverts still roam the halls of every dormitory, it is still imperative that for once, you have to at least know one person from inside your own residence hall.

The academic struggle

        Be wary of obnoxiously loud dormers. We all love a sweet melody in the morning, but a piano concerto at eight o’clock in the morning, just right after an all nighters? Ayo, hold up. Studying can be a very hard task to do while in a dorm. External and internal factors are what’s the deal for a student.

        For the most part, we would be having this feeling where we would want to make our parents proud on the day of our graduation, we would be looking at them–crying–just as we say our valedictorian speech in front of everyone worthy enough to be called graduates after the almost life long struggle in college. But before that may happen, reality is going to have you wait. Before you may graduate and for all the head canons about graduation speech, perhaps one of the hardest thing to do is to actually open your book or your readings and actually make it a while and be productive. While inside a dormitory, this is no joke, the urge to do a lot number of things, such as procrastinating, is a very dire adversary.

        This internal factor coupled up with the external factors, the obnoxious dormers across yours can be one big problem. In making your papers, it’s either you’ll be pulling your legs across the hallway and give them the scolding they deserve or you may opt to simply ignore them using a sound blocker–an earphone or a headphone– and simply continue with your studies or papers. This however may be counterproductive as relative to the person, not all of us can focus under these certain circumstances.


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