Required Entry #5: Classification (English 1 – WFV1)


        The mythical land of wonders, of awe and eternal happiness; the digital space where all types of people can exist, co-exist or otherwise–the Internet. Containing all the LOL (Laughing Out Loud) moments and some very memorable epic moments that may or not even give us the cringe, the Internet perhaps has been the home to the most diverse community there is: consisting of anyone anywhere inside the globe. The Internet, where everyone can be anyone and no one at the same time, has proliferate a distinguishable group of people who you might have already stumbled upon or you might have been seeing everyday in your daily use of the cyber space.

Types of people in the internet

  1. Food Enthusiasts
    Once, we may have stumbled upon this person in Instagram who has posted every meal they had for the whole week, or for the whole month. No one really asks them to and no one actually cares (well maybe except for some) but they just keep posting and posting every single food they came across in their whole life! Their posts usually have extravagant hashtags such as, I will name some, #foodporn, #foodpic, #instapic, #instafood, #drooling, #dinner, #nofilter, and so on.Untitled
  2. The Melodramatic ( Your Tita/ Mom)
    Foremost, no one is dying. Life is exactly just like yesterday and perhaps will also be exactly the same for tomorrow. But these kind of people just can’t keep it in their heads. We don’t really know why or what their intention is, these people just keep trying so hard to be poetic, appealing, and–well–compelling to the general masses. They presumed to achieve this by posting pictures or quotes in their timeline about how life is so unfair, life goes on, never give up, and so on. Usually these quotes have a background facade of usually a sunset, a beach, a galaxy, the sky, or just anything that they deem dramatic enough for their so-inspirational-post.

    Spoiler Alert: Walang Forever.
  3. The Hater/Troll
    Perhaps now, we already have someone within our minds. The Hater or the troll is perhaps one of the most proliferate people in the Internet and is likewise the easiest to distinguish. They are your everyday bitter, ehem, and always has something to say about whatever the topic is. No matter how good the message of one post, this type of people will always find a way to desecrate the image that is being portrayed by the said post. Whether for anarchistic purpose or simply for fun, this type of people are also one of the most annoying people in the internet, everyone’s best friend.  I know a lot of things about them because, ehem, I’m a little guilty of falling under this category. Mehehe.-
  4. The Ghost
    We won’t really see them post anything on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But somehow, this type of people knows everything that is happening in the cyber space. No one knows what they actually do whenever they are online… they are online most of the time. In Facebook, you will see the green dot next to their name in your chat box but you will never actually see them post anything or just give a like on any random post. They are just like a ghost. They roam everywhere and no where, they may even be reading this post right now and judging me for my lack of artistic articulation. Whatever may be happening inside their heads, no one will really knows.-
  5. The Fame whore
    This type of people will do ANYTHING just to get everyone’s attention. They would post all types of thing, from the simplest rant to the most promiscuous photo they could. There’s just maybe no end to what these people would do for attention, they would even go as far as to send you a private message asking you to like their latest profile picture or what. The easiest way to spot these people is by looking at their post, you’ll see that they have liked their own status.


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