Required Entry #7: Illustration


Cliches in Popular TV shows and Movies

        We, Filipinos, often spend our time watching the television; or on Sundays, after going to the church–our families would usually head straight to the mall and eat in our favorite resto. Just like our cliche Sunday routine, our countrie’s visual literature–our very own TV shows and movies–usually reolves on recurring plots as well. For an instance in our television, we would usually see a child who is either separated from their families at birth and will later be adapted by either an abusive couple or an old woman, ehem Lola Nidora. For the movie plots however, we can see the people’s interest on stories with an ugly, poor, loner protagonist who’ll fall in love with the school campus’ hotty, chinito, rich, and Mr. Popular/ Right/ Perfect Guy. Examples include Ang Diary ng Panget, She’s Dating the Gangster, and so on. As cliche-ish as this plots may get, we can’t still deny that it really has the capability to hook the masses into its viewership.


Super-villains who out-shined their Superhero Counterparts 

        Who of the children today doesn’t dream to be Batman or Wonder woman? I mean, Batman is cool, he has this bat mobile with his very own bat cave, along  with his so-awesome bat cape. But what actually standout in the recent The Dark Knight movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, and as who the critics have also pointed out, is the portrayal of Heath Ledger of the character–the Joker. The famous arch-nemesis of Batman who has a distinctive full face make-up, green hair, and a lipstick to hide his self-inflicted scars where he got his famous line, “do you wanna know how I got these scars?” Though Batman has been one of our epitome of justice, we still can’t deny that the Joker has somehow, and in a way, gave us this wonderful thought of becoming an anarchist super-villain.

        Another famous super-villain is–ladies–Loki, played by the British gentleman Tom Hiddleston in the blockbuster Marvel-produced Thor as well as in the Avengers. Although Thor is a glorious god with his shiny blond and bouncy hair, he is however outshone by his antagonist, who has won numerous awards, in his portrayal as the maleficent Loki, Nordic god of deceit an leader of the the Chitauri army that ravaged the world– and when I meant the word I was actually trying to say America, because all alien invasions only happens in America, at least for movies. Although Thor is heroic in his own might, still the majority of the viewers can’t deny how Loki is actually the one who completes the formula that hook people into the viewership of the movies, especially the ladies.


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