WATCH ME EAT; WATCH ME SLEEP (Required Blog Entry#8.2: Comparison and Contrast)

Perhaps if there’s anything a college student could ask for, they would most likely be divided among only two choices: 25 hours a day, for an hour of extra sleep; or gluttonous eating without getting fat. I know, the struggle is real. With academic-related pressure, parental expectation, financial problem, love life-related concerns, and so on — it is no longer shocking if these college students resort to escapes away from these bombarding issues.

        I, for one, resort on eating and sleeping respectively — in no particular order — which I also self-identify as my craved hobbies, to fling my mind for once away from this ever perturbing detrimental  world.

        To start off, eating is a basic human necessity. I have never heard or seen anyone who has thrived without eating. This activity involves the voluntary participation of the mouth while concomitantly giving delight to our gustatory and olfactory senses. Eating has this satisfactory feeling that temporary lifts people out of their problems and gives them an actively imaginative notion which usually is accompanied by daydreaming or simply that overly happy vibe that makes you think that you could do anything, but it has a side-effect which is, of course, getting fat. Eating – or binge eating in particular – is a wonderfully mind-lifting hobby, of course, that is why it is no longer disputable as to why a lot of people are so hooked up with doing it.  And what’s the best activity after eating, that is perhaps, my other sophisticated hobby – sleeping.

        As oppose to eating, which involves the voluntary participation of the mouth, sleeping however involves the involuntary state of the mind that involves reduced reaction to environmental stimuli. Numerous studies have also been conducted regarding specially those individuals that don’t need sleep in order to function properly. Though theoretically, it is still empathetically sad to think that they have missed the pleasant and rejuvenating feeling that is associated with sleeping. While we sleep, our mind wanders upon itself creating the phenomenon of dreaming that is perhaps most easily described as an imaginative fulfillment encompassing those outside the physical realm of our reality. An individual upon completion of the minimum required sleeping time experiences boosted mental alertness and is also shown to exhibit improved creative and logical cognitive, as well as overall pleasant and refreshed body. Being associated with all these beneficial and essential wonders, no wonder sleeping is so much favoured and anticipated, especially among those who can only sleep for a few hours every day. And what’s the best thing to do after sleeping – that is of course eating. Eating and sleeping correlates to life, nuff said.


Prompts for Comparison and Contrast:
Please choose two and write at least a paragraph for each.
a. Compare and contrast your real self with your ideal self.
b. C&C a novel with its film adaptation.
c. C&C Metro Manila with your hometown.
d. High school vs. College
e. C&C two candidates for public office
f. C&C two super-villains
g. C&C two hobbies
h. C&C two famous celebrities
i C&C love courtship of two different generations or cultures
j. FREE TOPIC: you may compare and contrast any two items, ideas, events, etc.

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