A LOOK INSIDE TEEN DEPRESSION (Required Blog Entry #9: Cause and Effect)

On October 10, 2012, a 15-year old girl shocked the world with the story of her death. Amanda Todd used a series of flash cards to tell the story of her bullied life on a video she posted on YouTube entitled My Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide and self-harm.

        Amanda had been a victim of blackmailing; on 2009, she met a stranger online via video chat who encouraged Amanda to show her breast. The stranger had been haunting Amanda since, posting her nude picture online. This forced her to transfer from school to school searching solitude from her eerie past. On her search, she met an old friend who contacted her and invited her to his house where they had sex. A week later, a group of ominous students confronted Amanda on her school. Led by her old friend’s girlfriend, Amanda was physically assaulted by more or less 15 individuals. Following the attack, Amanda attempted suicide by drinking bleach but she was saved by having her stomach pumped in a quick medical attention.

        With support from her family, they changed city and Amanda got into a new school. But her past just kept catching up to her. The stranger she met online once again started messing with her life. On Facebook, the stranger added her classmates, friends, and teachers before proceeding to send Amanda’s nude picture on each and every one of them. This caused yet another breakdown on Amanda’s already troubled life. Until finally on October 10, 2012, her body was found dead via hanging in her bedroom.

        Her death gained international media attention, which even made the Premier of British Columbia – Christy Clark released an online statement of condolence and a suggestion for a national discussion on criminalizing cyberbullying sparking the campaign against cyberbullies and support for the bullied in hopes that no one will ever have to endure what Amanda endured.  

        What Amanda did sparked a revolution of awareness, campaigns, and fight against cyberbullying.

        Victims of cyberbullying no longer need to feel alone in their fight, their stories no longer just for their own ears to hear, but for the world as well. Perhaps in order to better understand an individual being cyberbullied, maybe it is best to tackle up the idea of bullying as it is first.

        Either an individual being bullied experiences depression; or the individual already has depression to begin with, which in turn attracted the attention of bullies with their negative aura. The bullied individual then proceeds to feel as if the whole world is against them, as if no one is there to help or simply listen to them. Depression. Worst case scenario, the bullied individual will commit suicide or turn into a bully themselves.

        This leads us to the topic of teen depression. At such a young age, teenagers are commonly identified as reckless, impetuous, and rebellious. It is common to find a teenager or two violating the law as if life is simply a game. This adventurous stage would blind teenagers with the bliss and escape. Escape from the reality; academically, financially, socially, or domestically. Until finally something will trigger them to open their eyes. They would realize and be made aware of the consequences of their action. While this is just a phase in maturity, some however have trouble getting pass this point in life. This point is what we called depression.

        Teen depression is a no laughing matter, literally. It is a serious concern that requires immediate attention. This is in order to prevent the problem from worsening. At such a young age, teenagers most probably lack the experience to handle complicated problems. With an immature complexity, depression would probably seem to be a major issue for them. This in turn would lead to actual worse cases such as crime, drug abuse, or worst – death.

        However teen depression is not hard to fight as it may seems like. With proper attention, teen depression can be worked out. It is imperative to show these teenagers the solution from their depression and help them out of their distress. That no one will ever have to endure what Amanda endured. That no teenager will ever have to die from teen depression.

Prompts for Cause and Effect

lecture to be given tomorrow, 21 October

1. The short-term/long-term EFFECTS of a generation that no longer reads
2. CAUSES: Teen depression
3. The positive and/or negative effects of (too much) fiction
4. EFFECTS: How has your life changed after passing the UPCAT

5. CAUSES: corruption in government


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