Defying Gravity (Free Post #4)

Foremost, this is love bllshit,

And I’m blaming you.

The first time I saw you,

I was in awe, gonna admit.


You are,

Oh my God.

I am,

What the fck.


I was like,

Okay, you are not for me.

But then you were like,

Hey, are you up for a reverie?


Wooden as wood, simple I am,

Humble desires and courteous fascination.

Bliss, of gold, naive,

Are Impish as a mare.


Idiot as I am,

Bound, it is.

Wake up, this is damn.

Fury and sound.


So again I lay,

On solitude, and apathy.

As cold as pity,

As vivid as gray.


But then I saw,

How you look,

How, I thought, you once look,

Damn, it’s all the same.


Bound, it is,

For you to meet.

Magnet, it is,

Negative and positive


Pen and paper,

Writer and reader.

Amazing and beautiful,

Boy and girl.


Bound, it is,

One is to one, another is to another.

Perfect couple it would be,

Perfect offspring, there would be.


Like an apple falling to the ground,

Or a heart crushing with a pound.

I have no problem with the inevitable,

But for one at least, at least I would to try.


But then again, can I actually do it?

Perhaps no, as the last. No, as every time.

For I am just a person, who can’t defy gravity.

Peace, bruh. #walangforever

For some reason, couples really love the sight of the Eiffel tower; or perhaps Paris in particular. I don’t really know why. 11/8/2015 | 4:34 am

ps: This excerpt contains a lot of clues  I shouldn’t be sharing w/ anybody. But, meh. No one will understand them anyways, so yeah. rak


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