Random Thoughts on Shifting (Free Post #5)


        To begin with, I love where I am right now. I love the Creative Writing program, it’s ladderized but it’s comprehensive. It trains you to be creative through writing workshop-like classes, while also training you to be analytic; CW is a pseudo-minor in CL because before you can take any CW classes, you’ll need a prerequisite for the same domain in CL. In CW, you’ll be choosing three genres to major. For example if you want to take creative non-fiction genre (CW 110), you’ll be needing CL 115 as a prerequisite for that subject. So technically, you’ll be a CL major (or minor) first before you’ll be taking CW classes.

To shift or not to shift?

        Comparative Literature. I don’t really know what. I want to a pursue law degree and for that, shifting to CL would be the best choose. But I also want to pursue a degree in medicinal science (MBB). Yeah, I can’t freaking decide what to take. Am I indecisive? Nah, I just can’t decide. Hehehe. Now, there comes this new thingy that sensation that I’m feeling. I don’t know what but I’m having this thoughts on shifting to CoE, ECE, EE, or Com Sci program. I don’t know what. I just always have a passion for computers and algorithms so yeah. Hardest mathematics? Being delayed? Sleepness nights? Not really a problem. Just that, arggh, I don’t know. Gosh, I don’t even know what to made of it right now.

(11-16-2015 | 3:38 am)


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