WE DO HAVE A JOB (Required Blog Entry #10b: Definition)

“Anong course mo?”

“Creative Writing po.”

“Anong magiging trabaho mo?”

        Probably, most will agree when I say that writing is just a hobby. It is not. Writing can be a profession. One that doesn’t require defying your passion. You can be a professional while also doing what you love.

        Math wizards can be engineers or math majors. Science enthusiasts can pursue a degree on biology, chemistry, or physics – and it is the norm. What says writers can’t be the same?

        Is it because English majors specifically Creative Writers don’t have a job? Mind you, we do have a job. A lot of them, actually.

        Creative writers can pursue a job on, of course, writing: self-publish or under a publication. They can work under advertisement for business companies, on positions that require communication skills. Because it is a degree under the English program – and even to my amazement – creative writing is also a pre-law course. Aside from business, creative writers can also work on the bureaucracy.

        Will you believe me if I tell you that one of ex-President Ferdinand Marcos’ adviser is a creative writer? The same administration that built the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Folk Arts Theatre, Philippine International Convention Center, National Arts Center, and Nayong Pilipino. If you still don’t believe me, search Jose Garcia Villa on Google.

        Theoretically, science can outdo scientists. Doctors can be replaced by machines. Engineers can be replaced by automations. Teachers can be replaced by robots. But jobs that require profound creative output such as those under literature, which are subjective, may more or less require elusive level of programming. As long as words exist, so will creative writers.


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