UNTITLED (Free Post #7)

What are you
Then you are a slut
You sleep around with anyone

What are you
Then you are uncivilized and have no breeding
You are the criminals and thieves in our society

What are you
Then you are short and brown
And speak carabao English

What are you
In a relationship
Then you are flirty and promiscuous
You do not respect your parents who are working hard just for you to be in school

What are you
Then you are ugly
And undesirable

What are you
Then you are a diet freak
And you shame fat people with your figure

What are you
Then you are the second class
You are below your male counterpart

What are you
Then you are a power-mongering bastard
You think women are below you

What are you
Then you only love
Because you like the dick

What are you
Then you are violent
You care nothing for your responsibilities

What are you
Then you are a bad influence
Selfish, Apathetic, and Psychopath

What are you
Then you do not know nationalism
You listen to music you don’t even understand (wow huh, *rolls eyes*)

What are you
Then you must be paranoid
And cynical

What are you
Grade Conscious
Then you must have no social life
You are willing to do anything just for an uno

What are you
Then you must have left your own country
In selfish search for greener pasture abroad

What are you
Then as an imperfect individual
You will be judge for not being perfect


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