Blue Lullaby

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hey, hey, how are you?
how have you been?
have you arrived safely?
how was your trip?
i am very sorry
i could not even say
the words good bye
as i watch your iron carriage
embrace the horizon
before the immeasurable
vastness separates you and i
sorry, i could not even take the helm
and move my lips
to say these exiguous words
even though i have like
a million words to say
before you go away
to see the clouds and leaves
where your heart truly is
why must it be so hard
every time we say good bye
i wonder why
as well as the song
like the wind that blows
northeast in your ear
as the chill begins to bite
before the carol starts to play
and the firework shines in display
baby remember my hand
caressing your hair
as you fall in your own fantasy
of dreams, in your world,
remember that
i am also holding my world
in my hand
in you
as you sleep
tonight baby
remember me
every time
we say
good bye


is so sensitive to touch, amusing | 3:14 (pie) am 12/17/2015

a/n: i will kill you if you laugh, b-baka!


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