Teachers are weird


I remember someone said, “Wag kang mag p-pursue ng course sa Biology kung hindi ka de-deretcho sa Med kasi teacher lang ang kababagsakan mo.” Which makes me grieve then, of course I’m going to believe her – she has a degree in Biology, and she’s a teacher.

But on hindsight, however, I realize how wrong she was.

I mean, teaching is like so amazing. It’s hard to make great sacrifices for people you barely know and who you would only spent little time with. I mean, why bother  trying to adjust with annoying fracks called students when you can do other things that pays more. Actually, I really don’t know as well. But basically what I’m trying to say is teachers are amazing. Period. Teaching is like the best medium for learning. Imagine, you’re learning new things while having your memories refresh all the time… and what’s more? You’re getting paid! I mean, OMG.

Look at it this way, can you name a great scientist (let’s focus on the scientists to minimize the scope) who wasn’t a professor in a university? I’m talking Einstein, Curry, Ohm, Leibnitz, even Aristotle. So yeah.

Also, I want to teach in UPD someday, yeah.


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