On this Cold, Rainy Day

(3:58 PM | 8-14-2016)

I guess I’m in love with that person

That person who calms my anxiety

every time he’s near

That person whose smile

completes my day, on any day

That person whose eye shines brighter

than the sun on any summer

That person whose look

gazes through my soul

That person whose hair looks so good to be true

and smells like rain drops and lavender

That person whose voice

is music like the instruments he knows how to play

That person whose clothes

smells like the dream of yesterday

like the good childhood memory way back in the past

That person who always makes me look

towards tomorrow to share breakfast with

That person whose tummy

I dare to touch religiously every chance I got

That person who is so bubbly

but with a smokingly intimidating pensive expression

That person whose mind I can’t seem to perceive

when I can read any other person’s like an open book

That person who makes me crazy

every time he’s not around

That person who can make my heart race

and lungs out of breath

worse than any of my asthma attacks

That person

That only person whose anything is everything that really matters to me

That person who strums the string of the chordophone

like how he strums the strings of my heart

That person whose name,

I just can’t get out of my mind

That person who’s the reason

why my eyes are tearing up while writing this right now

and I don’t know why

That person whose name

I ask God every day

I guess I’m in love with that person

whose presence I miss

today as I burn my brows alone

On this cold rainy, day

I miss…

I miss him

I long for him

I want to be near him every time

I want to see him every day

in every second

in every minute

in every hour

of my petty, contingent existence

I have always feared death

but if ever it is to come

I wish it would be beside him

While I lay old

on a day like this

with his hand on my hand

and his heart on my heart

and I think I’m in love with him already.


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