Definitely Ok

So I just saw him and that girl

On that shed

Waiting for a ride


And I thought you have a fever or something that’s so bad you have to be absent for a week

And now you’re with… that?

On to where?

On Halloween? Of all the days, seriously?

Have you got no respect for the dead

Or the living for that matter?

My god

I don’t know what to feel

My exam pa ako


I don’t know what to feel

Can I just

I. can’t. stop. the. tears.

Tita Whitney, anu na?

Where do broken hearts go po

(sept 24, 2017) A/N: Can I just say how ang galing kong gawing comical yung moment na to. Literally umiiyak po ako habang tinatype ko ata to and I had to cry myself to sleep that evening. Pagkagising ko I still remember feeling like shit. Because my god koya. Hindi mo alam. My god. This boy does not deserve my love. Can I just say. Echo. Omg. Tigilan mo na please, hindi niya deserve.


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