I actually don’t know what’s real anymore

I thought after all these years I finally found what I lost

I thought it was finally clear to me

What I was looking for


When I look into those twin orbs beneath those shady strands of black

It feels like…


Home like something that I never knew before

Home that is always something mine by right

But never given

All within those sparkles that is brown

And the long lashes

And a few chances of those knowful smiles

After all these times

Lost on a trip hiding on the facade

 Behind the rectangular door of the closet

Creating a world that is mine

And mine alone

An empty canvas where I hold the colors

A story which I am the author

A dream in  broad daylight

But then I questioned myself

Was any of that even real

Or was it all for the sake of it all

Because underneath all this


I really don’t know what’s real

I don’t even know this person

Looking right back at me on the mirror

And I thought I finally see behind the colors

But I was mistaken

I made myself believe again

Time and time again

I actually don’t know what’s real anymore


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