10 years bruh

Irreplaceable, Misery Business, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Welcome to the Black Parade, Beautiful Girls, Face Down

Seriously? These are like my jam.

I actually have all these songs on my playlist

Am I really that olddd~

The thing about these songs is that, I have tons of memories associated with each and everyone of them

When I was young, actually 10 years ago

I was around 6 that time, perhaps

I have the best squad around hahaha

You know the games

And oh the memories,

I have the best childhood with these people

Sometimes we stayed up till 2:00 am playing hide and seek

And it just feels so amazing, we would be hiding for an hour on a spot

We would circumvent a whole area just to get pass IT

And urggh

But well, suddenly people just started leaving for another country

We who were left started high school

And everyone simply changed

I changed

And 😥

They were times when we would see each other

Look one another in the eye

And you know that spark of memory, you both know but just kept it there

Like a cage memory waiting to be sparked but you simply told it to be quiet

It’s just


In our lives, tons of people will come and go

Some memories will stay for a long time

But some memories will stay for a life time

Now I’m wondering what if I’m the only one who remembers all these memories 😥

I surely hope not


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