Looking Back

So, I am actually typing this one with my eyes closed. Simply trying to let everything all out. SO, I recently saw pictures of past dormers going back to their respective rooms here in Kalay after so many years; and so I thought, years from now if that was me, how might  I feel coming back here, to this place- this dormitory that build me up, let me down, and the in-betweens. Actually, I recently got admitted once again for another school year here in this dormitory, which would be my third really. So, hm. I am planning to make a compilation post later, next year, perhaps, when I am finally moving out; but I just can’t stop thinking about how I might feel if that was actually me going back here, say, ten or fifteen years from now. Would the hallway still look the same, would this room still feel the same, or would all the memories that I buried at every corner of this place still exist,  or would they all just be buried and left forgotten at the back of my mind, like moi.

Yep, just food for my thought. E



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