Once upon a time

there was an uke

who was very much attracted to

broad shoulders.

One day,

He had a roommate

Who, after going on a jog at 8:00 pm,

Decided to take his shirt off,

Leaving only his short shorts on,

Exposing his waist by butt by shoulders ratio

Highlighting his oh-so-broad and not-so-dry shoulders

For all the uke,

Who was lying on his bed,

Doing something kinda inappropriate when the roommate suddenly arrives

To see.

Blood fell like drain from his nose

And he died from hypovolemic shock afterwards

Image result for anime nosebleed gif

The End.

a/n: while the uke was typing this, his roommate whose bed is next to his walked pass him… absentmindedly, the uke forget to close the tab he was currently in–the roomie’s facebook profile. the uke is dead. like so dead. rip.


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