AP Red-haired Assassin 

(8/2/2017|2:50 PM)

So, I have this lowkey crush on someone

But I said to myself na never na nga talaga akong ma fa-fall

So hanggang infatuation & lowkey crushes na lang talaga ako

Tapus usually nawawala rin within a few weeks


Syempre may exception na naman *sigh*

Anyways, ayun nga


I have this crush on someone…

Na hindi na masyadong lowkey

In retrospect, medyo creepy, stalker-ish na

Kasi nga I have a lot of free time last sem 

not na maluwag sched ko last syem, 39 hours a week ako gud lorde… marami lang bungal sa sched ko, so nakakapaglibot ako sa cs i.e. medyo nag s-stalk ako, i.e. alam ko kung nasaan nakatambay yung crush ko at a given time  

So ayon…

Kanina, while I was… somewhere

Nakita ko siya…

And it is one of this situation na required ko siyang kausapin

(i’m being indefinitive para di obvious ahahaha)

So I did


I was walking face down

Then I entered the room



My heart just…


My stomach tied into knots

And all the butterflies break loose

I’m not…

I have to talk to him as I entered the room

And I tried real hard


Not to smile, or laugh, or do anything suspicious

Kasi nga stalker-ish

I’m quite bored nga last sem, don’t blame me. 

Medyo, ok

Let’s say na we have been talking…


He didn’t know it was me

So ayon…

We have been lowkey talking

Pero hindi niya alam kung sino man yon



Meanwhile me



It freaking took all my willpower not to smile

I’m telling yah

Kung merong contest na patagalang naka poker face, mananalo ako

Pero omg, kanina like


As in hahahaha

I was slowly dying inside like


I was trying SOOOOOOOO HARD to stay calm, make my voice calm, and my face kept straight like

Image result for poker face meme

HMMMMMMMM so cutie ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

How to be yours po Huhuhuhu


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