Unspoken Things

For the longest time, people have used language in order to connect. But perhaps the most compelling language of all is the one language spoken without the use of words, and we actually quite good at doing it.

Sometimes it is easier to love without saying anything. Sometimes it is easier to express you are annoyed by something by not saying anything. Sometimes it is easier to say you hate something or someone without even saying you do. Sometimes you just scream that you are hurting by not saying anything.

It’s not passive aggressive to express yourself in ways that are non-verbal or with subtlety.

Sometimes not speaking is the best thing to say in a situation where you know you can never win and we do this often and sometimes even without realizing we are doing so.

Speaking using unspoken words are one of the strongest ways to connect inherently in a primal-like way of conveying how we feel. Sometimes we communicate with people silently and by that we understand that we do care, that we listen, and we simply connect just like that.

For me, my emotions have always been my weakness. Perhaps that is why I always try hard not to show mine, or at least always show a different side of what I am always feeling.

But sometimes no matter how hard I try to hide it, unspoken things slip out of my mouth and I unintentionally say that things I could never say using words and I… I am always afraid that the things I say will hurt the people I care about the most. And perhaps that is the reason why I always choose to stay at a distance to people, especially the ones I can’t afford to lose.

Foreign Services

Have you ever had that moment

Where you wanna sing a  song so bad

But you can’t properly do it

Or you can’t properly get attune to the feeling of singing it

Because you don’t have that something to pull where the emotions will be coming from

Once you started singing

Example, these lines

“What time is it where you are, I miss you more than anything”

“You say good morning, when it’s midnight. Going out of my head, alone in this bed. I wake up to your sunset and it’s drivin’ me mad. I miss you so bad and my heart heart, heart is so jetlagged”

“I’ve been keepin’ busy all the time. Just to try to keep you off my mind”

See, the lyrics are so meaningful, it penetrate straight through my heart, it’s captivating

But the thing is

First of all, I don’t have a boyfriend abroad waiting for me to come home

Second, I don’t have a boyfriend and i never had one,

so if anyone out there’s reading this… yeah. 

Third, I’m not missing anyone right now

So… yea, you get the point

For me, it’s just hard to sing a song if you simply don’t have that thing to pull where the emotions from

We Filipinos call it Hugot, btw

(that time where i made a talk about it)  

So yeah, that’s that

Play this song, it reminds me of all that time in high school

P.S. Tangina talaga ng misting na yan. My plans got delayed by 11 fucking hours. Fuck. 3 years and it’ still… hindi na ako virgin kasi Kalay have fucked me 3 years straight with its functionally irrelevant and mind-boggling, vexing events that… basta, ponyeta.

A/n: *wink wink* yung title, pati yung kung bakit… yeah. Actually, I don’t maybe… It’s a thing for them, people. I don’t really…. hm. Well considering na ano sila and wala naman talaga silang maraming ano, so ayon, probably nag coconverge yung ano nila sa i-isang ano which is foreign services, so… 

Winkie aka Geysers in Sahara

When it’s 6:00 AM in the morning and you’re trying to study about that biological membrane

When suddenly the first thing you saw on your news feed is this


No other words

I just want to have this moment

To appreciate and thank

The Lord

For he is kind and merciful

In creating beautiful and wonderful creatures like this person

Image result for amen  meme
#nancybinay 😛 joke lang

a/n: this person is my first UPD crush. i dieded. still remember that day. long story short, worth the damn-it. ah yeah, siya yung pauwi ako from UPD that day and i can barely contain myself i have to call my bestfriend right away and tell her wtf happened i died.

a/n: also, i think of all the people i personally know and see, i know a lot of people but still siya talaga yung pinaka authentic na gwapo, hands down. yeah t’s one of the few things my bestfriend and i agreed on concerning boys, and that says a lot i kent

a/n: ang saya-saya ko hahahahaha i ken’t hahahahaha ang ligaya ng umaga ko kainis hahah

Eye Eye Nose Brows Skin

This day is special for me.

Well, for one, nothing special really happened. And I’m happy about it.

Ok, perhaps the opening statement made you raise your brows and say “what?”, and that is exactly the reason why I want to write this article right now. We have this notion that we could only be happy upon certain few events, i.e. spending time with people we really like, buying new things, receiving achievements, etc. And I want to say, no. You can be happy just because you are.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to buy that one thing you thought would bring you happiness, which in fact will not and which really you do not actually need like that new iPhone 7 or that new Microsoft Surface. You have a functionally working phone and laptop.

You don’t need achievement for acknowledgement, you never really like attention, what you really ever wanted is self-acknowledgement, self-love; knowing yourself that you are enough, that there is nothing wrong about you, and that there is absolutely nothing that could be changed to make you be anymore better than you already are. Aw

Like if I close my eyes like that, I could see the waves crushing by the shore as the deep blue sky loom above and the birds fly high and the warmth of the sun shining upon my face and as I feel its warm embrace, and I took a sip from the strawberry smoothie that I am holding on my left hand and I bob my head to the music playing on the stereo as I look at the people doing their own silly thing along the beach, playing beach volleyball with that colourful beach volleyball, and silly couples sitting together holding hands just enjoying each other’s’ presence, while I lay by the hammock keeping my own peace, and I like it just that way.

Sometimes we push ourselves too far with goals that aren’t even ours to begin with to please people we don’t really care what they think about just so we could feel as if we are happy with all these silly little things we call ‘achievement’, never really knowing that we are losing our happiness in the process.

Sometimes we forget to remember that as we are right now, we are alright, that we are okay, we are healthy, that we can eat properly and we do not have to worry about what we will be eating the next day, that we are able to go to school and enjoy education, that i am able to enjoy watching things that I like such as Game of Thrones whose latest episode is a giant cliffhanger btw. I can rest assure that my mom is alright, that my little sister is doing fine in her school, that they are fine there back at home, and I think that is good enough for me… knowing that our family is safe. In the meanwhile, while taking the time to relax and enjoy just a tini-tiny moment.

Sometimes being happy is just realizing that it is all over around us and we just need to realize that we are… I mean, just stop and smile for a minute and just enjoy the moment, no buts… no thinking about how you are self-centered and does not think about the lumads whose school are being bomb,  no thinking about how we are blindly following the faulty system that have been oppressing us all blah blah,,, and all those children starving in Africa, as we speak.

I mean, c’mon…

Every once in a while you have the right to stop and give yourself that time you so deserve, to rest and relax and just enjoy the things you have in life. You deserve it. You cannot give something that you do not have, and you cannot help someone when you yourself are not even in your rightmost condition to do so. So yeah 🙂


Also, since I have been going crazy about it for these past few days, I just want to share Miley’s new single. I personally am happy to see Miley this happy again, gives me so much hope. Yeah~ 🙂


And also, watch this cover 😉 😉 😉 don’t know, hihihi. natuwa lang ako, or kaya ako natutuwa 😉

or this

a/n: i know it’s not really grammatically correct to start your sentences with And, but guess what idfc

a/n: also, if you think i’m a sneaky little bastard *wink* i am. quite. 😛 hahaha i mean a gurl gotta be happy~ ^_^


That moment when…













W⅄ פOp W∀H∀˥ ʞO Ԁ∀ ɹIN

Image result for internal screaming

Feeling ko pag nakita ko, mamamatay na naman ako

Utang na loob matatapos na 2017, anu na

Anu na

Lord, i-guide nyo po ako

Sa palma hall

Ilayo nyo po ako

Sa mga dapat hindi ko makita

Ma tri-triggered nanaman ako nang isang semester

In my defense, that’s the first time na ma fall at ma in love naman talaga ako Gad

Never again

And I was 16

So yeah

Is that reasonable enough?


Den den de de den den de de den den… (GoT opening soundtrack)

Is it just me or the event started the Game of Thrones i.e. Rhaegar’s abduction of Lyanna Stark is very similar to how the battle of Troy originally started: Paris eloping with Helen… long story short, both ‘elopers’ had their kingdoms and people crushed i.e. House Targaryen almost got completely wiped out so as the monarchy and kingdom of Troy, by the invaders: the combined host of House Baratheon, Stark, & Arryn, and the Greeks, respectively.

La lang, food for though. It’s so fun to see patterns among different things i.e. of course how most of the political disputes among powers in the show correlated with the Battle of Roses, the beauty of literature. La lang.
Moral of the story: keep it in your pants 😛 wag malande

So how’s your first day of class

Me: *Pretends to ask for the location of the room I’ve known for two years already*

Me: *Pretends to get lost*

Me: *Pretends to ask again*


Prof: Ok, group yourselves.

Me: *Slowly creeps next to my crush*


Me: *Takes an atleast 1 Km detour*