Pwede bang paki hataw ako ng timba sa mukha ngayon

help me e’m fellen’ neh neh

neh te feelengs

acads is lyp



i know it’s been like two years or a year and a half

but seriously seriously

i mean seriously

seriously self, i mean seriously


totoo ka ba tigilan mo yan

naiinis ako sayo

mag fa-fall ka na naman

mababaliw ka nanaman



siya na ba si chapter four


daming alam

anu to autobiography


taylor swift ang peg

chapter four?

anu to diary of anne frank

gaga ka

anu to holocaust?

kasi patay na patay ka nanaman

my god gaga ka talaga

mamshie tigilan mo yan hahatawin kita ng cabinet



Have you ever felt that sense of peace

and serenity

and quiet

and the good of it all

that fleeting happiness

when everybody is asleep

and you’re looking all alive

and gorgeous

play this song at 2:30 AM with your headphones on

then close your eyes ūüôā

hy ¬† mss ¬† bt ¬† wll nvr tll y tht, nvr ūüėõ

Awkward Sister-Brother convo…


Sister: Iko, low bat ako. Pahiram ako ng laptop mo.

Me: Bakit?

Sister: May titignan lang ako sa Facebook.

Me: Bakit hindi laptop mo yung gamitin mo?

Sister: Ginagamit ni JC.

Me: Paalisin mo.

Sister: Pahiram nga.

Me: Bakit ba?

Sister: Sige, wag kang maki-charge. (nasa bahay  nila ako)

Me: O sige na nga, pero wag ka mag chrome, torch yung gamitin mo.

Sister: *Opens Facebook in torch*

Sister: Ikong, sino tong _______ na to? [merong username na naka-save, merong huling gumamit]

Me: Sino yan? *reads name*

Sister: Sino to, boyfriend mo?

Me: Yuck, pwede ba?

Sister: Sino to?

Me: Ewan ko.

Sister: Ano, may multo na gumamit ng laptop mo?

Me: Hindi ako naniniwala sa multo.

Sister: O sino nga to?

Me: Ewan ko nga.  Bakit ang kulit mo? Maraming tao sa dorm, baka may gumamit lang habang wala ako.

Sister: Kilala kita, hindi ka nagpapahiram ng gamit mo sa kung sino-sino.

Me: Bakit ba?

Sister: Sino nga to?

Me: Ewan.

Sister: Sino to? (smiles)

Me: Ewan ko nga. Punyeta.

Sister: Bakit nag b-blush ka?

Me: Ulul. *harap sa salamin*

Me: Wala na man ah!

Sister: Bakit kailangan mo pang tumingin sa salamin kung totoo yang sinasabi mong wala naman talaga?

Sister: Huli ka na, manahimik ka na…

(6:07 pm | 12/18/2015)


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Gotta somehow save the (not-so) ‘freshie look’ while it still lasts… @KalayaanResidenceHall

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Sunday Morning: Exactly One-year Ago (Free Post #2)


Sunday morning rain is falling, steal some covers share some skin.

Exactly one year ago, I woke up two hours earlier than usual: 2:30 am.

Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable.

It was so dark, I couldn’t see a thing. ¬†I was looking for that switch, I needed to get up.

You twist to fit the mould that I am in.

How I just want to lie on my bed and never get up. ¬†The bed and me, you see, it’s like we’re half a piece of each other; we have something most couples don’t have: we have a ‘forever’.

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do.

My eyes were betraying me; I did not get my beloved eight hours of sleep, I was a little– what do you call this– excited the other night that I had stayed later than usual.

And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew.

Yes, I almost forgot. ¬†I still need to go somewhere. ¬†I can’t hit the snooze button forever.

That someday it would lead me back to you.

Don’t worry my dear bed. ¬†I’ll be right back. ¬†I’ll just eat my breakfast, have a nice bath, and go. ¬†Just six-hours and it will be ALL over.

In darkness she is all I see. 

So I departed the safe secludes of our home so early in the dawn: not sure what to expect, uncertain of what could happen. I can’t fathom any image in my mind of what I may encounter; everything was blank, it was all black and void. ¬†But as I looked upward in search of hope; there she was, the only large object that was ¬†visible in that night sky.

[ OP: https://pixabay.com/en/users/Bonnybbx-322497/ ]

Come and rest your bones with me.

There was something about the crescent of the moon that relived the uneasiness of my heart.  I reach the bus station, ready to go to the place where everything will be decided.

Driving slow on Sunday morning

In my erratic of a mind, it seems like I was riding a very slow ride, despite the fact that the vehicle was probably moving at its fastest speed along the empty highway.

And I never want to leave.

My chest was pounding and I was palpitating all over; my fingers were crossed and I think I was having an anxiety attack.  Because exactly one-year ago, I took the hardest and most challenging college entrance exam in the country; exactly one-year ago, I took UPCAT.