UPCAT crushed my heart when I saw the results but I did not let it crush my resolve



Required Entry #2: Narration ( English 1 – WFV1)

Wow. Can’t believe I used to know how to write. 😛 My old self should teach me…

The Strawberry Enthusiast

Write 2-paragraphs about a funny or a frightening dream:

        September 06, 2015, it was 2:00 am just right after Kulayaan–the Kalayaan residence hall acquaintance party.  We came up with the wonderful idea to  have a horror story telling marathon. That was why along the flickering of the old, decrepit ceiling light in the dorm’s TV area, our hushed voices were heard. Stories after stories were shared–some of the particular stories were the infamous cabinet on the basement, where someone was allegedly locked and starved to death; the mysterious lady who was said to be haunting the grounds of the sunken garden during the night; the horrors of sleep paralysis; and the story from the UST files: the OLE ghost, which is a voice, allegedly heard by a woman who used the worn-out and avoided comfort room in one of the old buildings in UST. While inside a cubicle, as…

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Eye Eye Nose Brows Skin

This day is special for me.

Well, for one, nothing special really happened. And I’m happy about it.

Ok, perhaps the opening statement made you raise your brows and say “what?”, and that is exactly the reason why I want to write this article right now. We have this notion that we could only be happy upon certain few events, i.e. spending time with people we really like, buying new things, receiving achievements, etc. And I want to say, no. You can be happy just because you are.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to buy that one thing you thought would bring you happiness, which in fact will not and which really you do not actually need like that new iPhone 7 or that new Microsoft Surface. You have a functionally working phone and laptop.

You don’t need achievement for acknowledgement, you never really like attention, what you really ever wanted is self-acknowledgement, self-love; knowing yourself that you are enough, that there is nothing wrong about you, and that there is absolutely nothing that could be changed to make you be anymore better than you already are. Aw

Like if I close my eyes like that, I could see the waves crushing by the shore as the deep blue sky loom above and the birds fly high and the warmth of the sun shining upon my face and as I feel its warm embrace, and I took a sip from the strawberry smoothie that I am holding on my left hand and I bob my head to the music playing on the stereo as I look at the people doing their own silly thing along the beach, playing beach volleyball with that colourful beach volleyball, and silly couples sitting together holding hands just enjoying each other’s’ presence, while I lay by the hammock keeping my own peace, and I like it just that way.

Sometimes we push ourselves too far with goals that aren’t even ours to begin with to please people we don’t really care what they think about just so we could feel as if we are happy with all these silly little things we call ‘achievement’, never really knowing that we are losing our happiness in the process.

Sometimes we forget to remember that as we are right now, we are alright, that we are okay, we are healthy, that we can eat properly and we do not have to worry about what we will be eating the next day, that we are able to go to school and enjoy education, that i am able to enjoy watching things that I like such as Game of Thrones whose latest episode is a giant cliffhanger btw. I can rest assure that my mom is alright, that my little sister is doing fine in her school, that they are fine there back at home, and I think that is good enough for me… knowing that our family is safe. In the meanwhile, while taking the time to relax and enjoy just a tini-tiny moment.

Sometimes being happy is just realizing that it is all over around us and we just need to realize that we are… I mean, just stop and smile for a minute and just enjoy the moment, no buts… no thinking about how you are self-centered and does not think about the lumads whose school are being bomb,  no thinking about how we are blindly following the faulty system that have been oppressing us all blah blah,,, and all those children starving in Africa, as we speak.

I mean, c’mon…

Every once in a while you have the right to stop and give yourself that time you so deserve, to rest and relax and just enjoy the things you have in life. You deserve it. You cannot give something that you do not have, and you cannot help someone when you yourself are not even in your rightmost condition to do so. So yeah 🙂


Also, since I have been going crazy about it for these past few days, I just want to share Miley’s new single. I personally am happy to see Miley this happy again, gives me so much hope. Yeah~ 🙂


And also, watch this cover 😉 😉 😉 don’t know, hihihi. natuwa lang ako, or kaya ako natutuwa 😉

or this

a/n: i know it’s not really grammatically correct to start your sentences with And, but guess what idfc

a/n: also, if you think i’m a sneaky little bastard *wink* i am. quite. 😛 hahaha i mean a gurl gotta be happy~ ^_^



*inserez santa tell me par ariana grande ici*

cet est le chanson pour le mois, les gens.

tu obtiennes l’idee


au moins je suis encore belle

just sayin


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7/16/2017 a/n:  so kahapon katatapos lang nung finals + l’examen oral namin tapus idk, i know i fucked that up kasi wala naman siya sa curriculum namin sa basically kahit anong grade ko don wala akong pake talaga, pero i don’t know, i just feel so… sad. hay. c’est tout.















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does a rotating frame of reference exists? does a frame of reference, x, exists such that a rotating object, say– the earth, would appear to be not spinning relative to x, that frame of reference. help me

Throwback Monday

Ok, since nakahiga ako at hindi rin naman ako makatulog

Nakahiga ako, iinisip ko tong mga to, di ako makamove-on

Naalala ko lang tong mga to, type ko na lang

Baka may makabasa


So once upon a time

May grupo nang magkakaibigan na walang kamuang-muang sa Mundo

Naglalaro sila ng tagu-taguan, in fact paborito ko yon

Yung ice-ice water


Yung aakyat sa poste sa harap nila Blondie

Tapus punyemas, ayaw bumaba

Bibilangan na tapus wala raw sa rules yon and everything


Tapus basta tagu-taguan, bang-sak?

Ewan ko ba

Yung mga simpleng larong bata na magsisimula ng 5:00 PM

Tapus parang ang bilis ng oras, mamamalayan mo na lang 11:00 PM na

Na nung mga panahong yon ay sobrang gabi na

Ang bilis ng oras, lalo na nung wala ka pang pake

Grade 3? Grade 4? Grade 5?

Dati pa nga naglalaro laro lang dyan sa kaymituhan

Tama ba yung pagkakaspell ko

Tanda ko pa nung mga panahong hindi pa tinatayo yung tower ng sun

Tapus purong dayamihan pa lang yon

Ang sarap pagtaguan pero ang sketchy rin

Ang layo-layo nang nararating natin pag naglalaro tayo ng tagu-taguan

Mga dalawang oras magtatago, pag balik ayawan na pala

Nung mga panahong tuwing umuulan nagsisilabasan tayo

Walang pakialam

Naka paa lang, shorts, at sando rak na

Saan na ba napunta yung mga panahong to

Saan na ba napunta ang mga bata sa San Juan

Unang-una at ang pinakamatalik kong kaibigan

Na kasama kong nanonood ng mga anime sa bahay nila dahil laging wala yung nanay at kuya niya

Si Balandoy, nakalimutan ko na yung totoo niyang pangalan i crie

Basta alam ko nasa Canada na siya

Ang sakit non, nung sinabi niya aalis na raw sila

Grade 3 ako, hindi ko magets pero ang natatandaan ko nalungkot ako non

Nasa labas ako ng bahay nila non nung pumasok siya sa Van na ihahatid siya papuntang NAIA

Tinitignan ko lang yung kaibigan ko, na hindi ko alam pang huling beses ko na pala makikita


ANDREW hahaha

(search ko sa Facebook)

My God, hindi nag bago yung mukha niya hahaha

(This is my looking at his picture 11 years after the last time I saw him hahaha)

So ayon


Context, I think bestfriend ko siya, per say, in retrospect kasi di ko pa alam yung term na yon noon

Basta yon hahaha

Si Andrew, o ang tawag ko Balandoy (ewan ko kung bakit) ay mula sa broken family

Tanda ko pa noon 7:00 am, isang sabado, nagpapasama siya sa kabilang barangay para puntahan yung tatay niya

Sobrang weird yung konsepto na yon sakin

Bakit di nyo kasama sa bahay niyo yung tatay mo?

Tapus ayon hahaha


So umalis na nga siya

I remember a few days after he left,

Nag-aabang pa rin ako sa tapat ng bahay nila

Nakikita ko yung kuya niya  (grade 3 nito, 8 years old)

Tinitignan ako ng kuya niya na ngayon ko lang naintindihan yung titig

Wala na, umalis na

Ako, syempre wala, tingin lang, di ko alam ko

So ayon

Yung una kong bestfriend, iniwan ako

Tapus ito na,

Isang-isa na sa pinaka malalapit kong kaibigan ok

So si Andrew, si Tomtom, si Ronron, si Joshua, si Joco, at si Jayson muna

Ok, umalis na si Andrew,

So si Tomtom, na kapatid ni Ronron,

I think

And on retrospect, ay I think my first crush na di ko pa alam na crush ko pala

Context ulit, grade 3 ako


Ayon, well I think ito yung first “crush” ko basta ang weird no kasi nagkaron lang ako ng legit na crush nung 1st year high school pa ako, so 4 years

And well, like all others, umalis din itong si Tomtom at si Ronron huhu

Ang bilis pa naman tumakbo ni Ronron, siya yung fastest runner namin

Pero talaga dati one time, sobrang na triggered ako

As in, ako kasi yung taya tapus nabuburot na ko

Tapus hinahabol ko sila, tapus alam mo ba yon?

Parang nag nitro yung paa ko

Zone kung sa kuroko no baske

Parang nag slow-mo lahat tapus parang sobrang bilis ko tumakbo

And yeah, na taya ko silang lahat hahaha

So nice

So ayon, umalis na si Ronron, si Tomtom, at si Andrew

Well, andyan pa si Joshua, pero awkward kami

Ewan parang yung current situation namin ni **** basta ayon

Tapos si Joco, well andyan pa rin si Joco pero later na to

Si Jayson naman, well ewan pero bumalik sila ng Bicol, so


Original, bilangin ko

Ako, si Balandoy, si Ronron, si Tomtom, Si Muteng, si Jayson, si Joco, si Abi, si Em-em, yung Pinsan niya, si Alana, si Sarrah, si Charles, at yung ibang hindi ko namatandaan yung pangalan

Ayon hahaha

So umalis yung mga matatalik kong kaibigan

Around Grade 4 to Grade 5 yon

Pero patuloy pa rin akong nakikipag laro

Hanggang Ewan

Grade 6

Parang nagiging mas madalang na

Hanggang nung nag high school na ako

As in totally wala na

Sobrang “busy” ko na sa acads non

Another group of people

Tapus parang nakalimutan ko na sila

Nakikita ko sila pag nauwi ako, pero


Nasa tapat pa rin sila ng Chapel naglalaro, pero as the year goes

Mga second year ako ibang henerasyon na rin ng mga bata yung naandoon eh,

Wala na rin sila

Nakakalungkot lang hahaha

Parang ganto, bigla-bigla ko silang namimiss pero wala kaming connection

(nag send ako ng friend request kay Andrew tho)

Basta ayon hahaha

Namimiss ko sila, wala akong mapaglabasan ng emotion

Sorry na, hindi talaga ako marunong mag move-on

Random Points na di ko alam kung saan ko isisingit

  1. That time na nangaroling kami, my first and only time mangarolling
  2. That time na nagtagutaguan kami tapus sumali yung mga tambay doon, hahaha nakakatawa yung taya kasi nagulat siya, around 20+ yung biglang naglabasan hahaha
  3. That time nung mag papasko ata yon o a day before Christmas nasa tapat kami ng tindahan ni aling something
  4. That moment na nabalitaan ko nalang (highschool na ko nito) na si Aling something natagpuan nalang patay na kasi wala siyang kasama sa bahay, matagal na ata siyang patay, may bumibili lang tapus wala raw sumasagot, tapus ayon, nakita siya doon RIP
  5. That moment na nag pa-partner partner sa bente-uno ata yon tapus sabi ni Tomtom, si Jherico lang at si kung-sino-man ok na kami, tapus I felt so proud non hahaha 8 years old lande
  6. That time na akala namin may whitelady sa taas ng chapel, Nov 1 to
  7. That time na umuulan tapus naglalaro kami ng habulhabulan ata or something, tatlong oras na tapus yung ulan, natuyo na yung damit ko nasa labas parin ako, nakikipaglaro hahaha
  8. That time na dati sa gilid ng court may metal thingy doon na malaki, tapus umaakyat kami doon tuwing may party para manood hahaha
  9. Insert Tom Sawyer here 🙂
  10. That time na nanood kami ng Narnia hahaha, ako daw si Susan hahaha
  11. That time na naglaro kami ng Tagu-taguan at nakarating kami sa San Isidro, San Miguel, sa Kaymituhan atbp, pagbalik namin ayawan na 😥
  12. That grade 6 moment na nag wa-waveboard ako all day hahaha
  13. Btw, natuto ako mag waveboard within 20 minutes from scratch, sobrang amaze ate ko 😛
  14. Ayoko na hahaha mag-aaral  pa ako ng Physics 😛 Next time na lang

a/n: tuwing na ririnig ko yung kanta ng Secondhand Serenade or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,etc, naaalala ko to lahat 😥 inassociate ko yung mga kantang to sa taon na to sa mga taong to~~ bruh minsan hindi rin maganda yung sharp yung memory mo i crie