So I just took the MBTI again, and welp

My result is as random as ever


Mind you, I don’t see myself as an extrovert

Though I’m definitely the -NTJ type

And I’m definitely assertive,

I’m the most assertive person I know

Thought would you look at that 100% thinking & judging scale

I just noticed that every first sem, at the start of the school year

I tend to get ENTJ

Whilst I tend to get INTJ every second semester

I guess that’s because first semesters usually

I’m pampered like

Bring it on, bitch

Then second semester will come like

Do I look like I had slept in the past 72 hours

Look at me

I am fucking tired

I wanna die

Stay away, bitch

AP Red-haired Assassin 

(8/2/2017|2:50 PM)

So, I have this lowkey crush on someone

But I said to myself na never na nga talaga akong ma fa-fall

So hanggang infatuation & lowkey crushes na lang talaga ako

Tapus usually nawawala rin within a few weeks


Syempre may exception na naman *sigh*

Anyways, ayun nga


I have this crush on someone…

Na hindi na masyadong lowkey

In retrospect, medyo creepy, stalker-ish na

Kasi nga I have a lot of free time last sem 

not na maluwag sched ko last syem, 39 hours a week ako gud lorde… marami lang bungal sa sched ko, so nakakapaglibot ako sa cs i.e. medyo nag s-stalk ako, i.e. alam ko kung nasaan nakatambay yung crush ko at a given time  

So ayon…

Kanina, while I was… somewhere

Nakita ko siya…

And it is one of this situation na required ko siyang kausapin

(i’m being indefinitive para di obvious ahahaha)

So I did


I was walking face down

Then I entered the room



My heart just…


My stomach tied into knots

And all the butterflies break loose

I’m not…

I have to talk to him as I entered the room

And I tried real hard


Not to smile, or laugh, or do anything suspicious

Kasi nga stalker-ish

I’m quite bored nga last sem, don’t blame me. 

Medyo, ok

Let’s say na we have been talking…


He didn’t know it was me

So ayon…

We have been lowkey talking

Pero hindi niya alam kung sino man yon



Meanwhile me



It freaking took all my willpower not to smile

I’m telling yah

Kung merong contest na patagalang naka poker face, mananalo ako

Pero omg, kanina like


As in hahahaha

I was slowly dying inside like


I was trying SOOOOOOOO HARD to stay calm, make my voice calm, and my face kept straight like

Image result for poker face meme

HMMMMMMMM so cutie ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

How to be yours po Huhuhuhu

Can we talk about Game of Thrones (S7 E3)

1. First of all, OMG CERSEI IS THE QUEEN ❤ ❤

Hands down

She’s like,



*snap snap*

You kill ma daughtah, imma kill yours, bitch

Related image
fyi, this is the end for the character ellaria. tho she does not die, she will never appear on the show again (verified).
Image result for game of thrones season 7 episode 3 cersei
this is me looking at that classmate who’s asking for a pen during exam when i clearly remember them not giving me paper that one time when we had a quiz 7 days, 3 hours, 57 minutes, and 36 seconds ago, imma like hm, let me think for a sec… no

Cersei just screams the word bitch

without even saying the word


Image result for game of thrones season 7 episode 3 tyrion
tyrion is the living proof that size does not always matters

2. When Tyrion said,

“Give me ten good men, and I’ll impregnate the bitch.”

WOOOOOOOOOH Goosebumps 3 ❤ ❤

Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favorite movie/s of all time

Lord knows how many times I watch that trilogy

(When I was a little younger, I used to watch the WHOLE trilogy at least every month… I swear upon my sablay it’s true) 

But between GoT and LotR, I can’t really decide now which for me

Is better in overall

But one thing is certain, GoT is a series worth comparing to LotR, and it is known!


Image result for game of thrones season 7 episode 3

3. On the other hand, this old bitch is so relatable

I’ll probably do the same on my deathbed

Call all the people that I despise

Then I’ll throw them shade until I choke myself to death



4. On other note,

Would you rather marry

A eunuch or a person with greyscale all over their body (albeit non-viral; and with penis, ofc)

I don’t know if I already told anyone how I always have a preference

For either people with

Fair skin (by fair, i mean chalk-white pale, as in like that child from the grudge)

And people with golden tan skin tone (you know that golden-brown skin that glows and always looks so flawless 😛 < this is me tryin to lick it)

So yeah,

Related image

Werk-it, Missandei


Troye~~~~ ❤

Can we just talk about how FINEEEEEEEE Troye Sivan is in these pictures

Image result for troye sivan blonde

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up
yuz daddy :*




His fluffy curly blonde hair

( or platinum blonde, which ever you prefer, however i believe in equality among the entire spectrum :P)

And blue eyes like the sea

Kinda reminds me of Will Solace…

Or Apollo from the Trials of Apollo Book Series

❤ ❤ ❤ Troyee ❤ ❤ ❤


Can I just say super funny ng ending ng Descendants 2


Pero still, I really think na ang cutie ni Mal  & King Ben ❤


Perhaps one of the few straight couples that I actually ship

On other news, ow, ^^ looks like me and _____

hahaha, je plaisante

Perks of being short: #1, madaling bagayan

Cons of being short: #1, mahirap makita



Checking-in period

My 3rd year in Kalay





Well, ang ganda ko eh



Ang chaka niya hahaha

Kasi well

1st year siya and I’m like 3rd year

Pero kung pagtatabihin kami

Mukha siyang prof ko…

Bad Echo Bad 😛


So ayurn

P.S. Nasabi ko na bang

never kong kinausap yung roommate ko nung midyear

As in not a single word

The whole midyear

Simula nung pumasok siya ng room for the first time

Hanggang nung nag check-out siya

For the sole reason na

Ang pangit niya 😛

Ang sama kong tao


Kaya ako iniiwan eh



If you’re not the One

I don’t wanna run away

But I can’t take it

I don’t understand

If I’m not made for you

Then why does my heart dreams about you

Every single night

Every single day

Ever since this year started



Once upon a time

there was an uke

who was very much attracted to

broad shoulders.

One day,

He had a roommate

Who, after going on a jog at 8:00 pm,

Decided to take his shirt off,

Leaving only his short shorts on,

Exposing his waist by butt by shoulders ratio

Highlighting his oh-so-broad and not-so-dry shoulders

For all the uke,

Who was lying on his bed,

Doing something kinda inappropriate when the roommate suddenly arrives

To see.

Blood fell like drain from his nose

And he died from hypovolemic shock afterwards

Image result for anime nosebleed gif

The End.

a/n: while the uke was typing this, his roommate whose bed is next to his walked pass him… absentmindedly, the uke forget to close the tab he was currently in–the roomie’s facebook profile. the uke is dead. like so dead. rip.